Whitey From Heaven

A Wondrous Cat

Author: Marlene McCauley
Grace House Publishing, Phoenix, Arizona, 2002

Whitey from Heaven will make his debut,
A soft white cat with eyes of blue,
Noble of character, a special feline,
A mystical wonder with gifts sublime.
Children, widows, cat lovers too,
Young and old, any age will do,
Open these pages for yourself to see,
God’s magic, humor and divine mercy,
A mission from Heaven, this kitty was sent,
Sickly, feeble, with head so bent,
A forlorn soul, he came to heal,
“The humble be blest, “God did say,
Whitey from Heaven brings a new day!


Dear Children:

We call Nany’s cat WHITEY FROM HEAVEN. He is a very special cat, a combination of Siamese and European Shorthair, with topaz blue eyes and a little sprinkling of sand color brushed onto his white fur. He is sooo pretty! More significantly than Whitey’s beauty, Nany loved him because after Pop died, she was so, so sad and lonely… until she met Whitey, a sickly half-starved abandoned white kitty with magnetic blue eyes, sent from Heaven to bring solace to this grieving widow. She, in turn, transformed the feeble feline into a beautiful, happy, incredibly loving elegant pet.

Brimming with humor, faith, joy and hope, it is a timeless true tale, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and tear at your heartstrings.  Ideal for warm-hearted, fun-loving and faith-inspired readers from 9-900!  The story replete with cat antics, adventures and fantasy will delight all!!!

Based on a true story, the saintly Mohawk Indian, Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680), comes into focus as the patroness of the widow and her mystical cat.

We invite you on a delight-filled journey to share Whitey’s adventures with Nany as recorded in the journal of her daughter, Marlene.


The story by a woman whose prose shows the soul and skills of a poet at work, charmed me. Widows should be inspired by it. Parents will want to read it to their little children and will urge older ones to read it by themselves. It is superb Christian literature!

Fr. Walter M. Abbott, S.J. Editor, Publisher, Biblica l Scholar to Pope Paul VIl

All will delight in this book so well written with much humor, charm and compassion, including most interesting insights on the saintly Kateri Tekakwitha. It truly provides a new understanding of what part a pet can play in the transformation of a forlorn heart.

Fr. Jacques Bruyere, S.J., The former & late Vice-Postulator of Kateri Tekakwitha in Canada;

There are some creatures whose meaning is exclusively to give men joy. They do not work; they expect to be fed and taken care of just because they happen to be cats. Whitey from Heaven is the story of one of those felines who brought joy to a broken-hearted widow, and will captivate children young and old. It shows eloquently what love can accomplish and teaches us how to relate to God’s creatures. But a word of caution; before giving this book to their children, parents ought to realize that their offspring will give them no peace until they too have a Whitey from Heaven!

Alice Von Hildebrand, Ph.d., Philosopher, EWTN lecturer, Author

This book is a classic for children, entertainment for the entire family and will serve to delight cat lovers of all ages. Finally, the work will provide a great uplift for the aching heart, serving to substantially enhance any Grief-healing Outreach Program.

Fr. John Paret, S.J., Former and late Vice-Postulator of the Kateri cause in America

Ordering this book: E-mail orders to Marlene McCauley at j14kateri@hotmail.com. Price: $11.95 plus postage… there is a 40% discount ($7.17) for stores and organizations.