Song of Kateri

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Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist… is a poetic biography of Kateri Tekakwitha, the Mohawk Indian virgin. The story covers Kateri’s birth in 1656 to her death in 1680 and finally to her beatification in Rome, in 1980 by blessed Pope John Paul II. The author, Marlene McCauley, describes in simple poetry the historical, geographical, mythological and cultural aspects of Kateri’s life which created the landscape in which she developed spiritually.

The 310 page book is divided into sections called “cantos” with links between each, which paint a portrait of the various phases of Kateri’s life. As Kateri traverses the many cross-ridden paths of suffering while struggling to find truth in her life, the reader too, ascends with Kateri from the earth to her celestial pinnacle, growing as she grows in spirituality, until ultimately raptured in the heart of Christ… the holy Eucharist.


Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand, professor emeritus of philosophy, Hunter College, N.Y.,;author of: Soul of a Lion (biography of her husband, philosopher, Dr. Deitrich Von Hildebrand;) and multiple books on current philosophical issues; world-renowned lecturer, especially on EWTN, the global catholic network–

“Poetry is the language of lovers and inevitably appeals to young people whose souls—deep down – long for beauty, truth and goodness. Kateri is not only for them, but for all of us, a role model of purity and holiness. May these canti sung by one of Kateri’s special friends… touch the hearts of many and bring them to a greater devotion to the gift of gifts: the Eucharist!”

Sr. Kateri Mitchell, a Mohawk nun @ Dir. of the Tekakwitha Conference

“To know Kateri is to love her. This book, Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist, is to be read and enjoyed by young and old who will learn to walk with Kateri. The readers will know that they have a special friend in heaven who will intercede in their behalf while leading them to a greater love and devotion to Jesus’ holy cross and holy Eucharist.’


Lay Witness, a publication of Catholics United For Faith, Jan/Feb 2007
Introduction & excerpts from a critique of: Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist, Marlene McCauley

In commemoration of the 350th anniversary of Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha’s birth, Grace House has released the poetic Biography, Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist, by Marlene McCauley.

McCauley’s son, Peter, was cured of a 65 percent hearing loss on the anniversary of Kateri’s death, April 17, 1973. Since then, the McCauleys have been actively involved in promoting Kateri’s cause for canonization. They encourage cuf members and non-members to visit shrines dedicated to Bl. Kateri including the national shrine of our lady of martyrs in Auriesville, NY; the national Kateri shrine in Fonda, NY; and the St. Francis Xavier mission in the village of Kahnawake, Quebec, just south of Montreal.

The following are excerpts from the review of Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist, by Elizabeth Yank:

In Song of Kateri: Princess of the Eucharist, the life story of Kateri is illustrated through poetry. While the layout, design and content of the book make it most appealing to children, adults will find her life story fascinating as well. The unexpected poetic form is not how we typically learn about the life of a saint. Marlene McCauley’s colorful images create a clear picture that enables young children to easily understand the story of Kateri’s life.

Song of Kateri is a hefty 300 plus-page volume. While the length may seem intimidating, the poem does read rather quickly due to short stanzas, accompanying illustrations, and plentiful white space.

The poem is unique in that it engages the reader to relive critical moments that deeply affected her and contributed to her sanctity. Through these dramatic scenes, we learn about daily life in her tribe, the history of the era and other important and interesting facts.

Because of the book’s size and vocabulary level, it would make an ideal read-aloud. It is also a book children can read on their own: My 9-year old daughter was able to read it by herself.

Interspersed throughout the book are black and white illustrations, some of which were created by children. These charming pieces of artwork depict various moments of Kateri’s life. It is inspiring to see a love of Bl. Kateri expressed by children of all ages. Some color photographs and pictures are included as well. A timeline, photographs from her beatification ceremony, prayers and more accompany the artwork and biography.

Kateri’s many virtues… humility, purity, patience, perseverance, cheerfulness and kindness, all beautifully portrayed in Song of Kateri… can inspire children and adults to a life of sanctity.