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Kateri’s Children of the WorldNew! We have posted our pictures taken on our trip to the Vatican for Kateri’s Canonization. See the gallery here.

Read about the saintly indian maiden, Kateri Tekakwitha, known as Lily of the Mohawks. She also is known as: Star of the New World and Patroness of the Youth!!!

Lily of the Mohawks: “Kateri’s Children of the World,” 5’ X 6’ oil, was painted in 1974, Nahant, Massachusetts, a small peninsula, once inhabited by Indians, (called, “Cape of the Cross,” in the 11th century by Thorwald, a Norseman).

The work was executed in gratitude for the spontaneous cure on April 18, 1973 (Kateri’s Baptisimal Date) of deafness of son Peter, age four. Surgery advised by physicians was never needed: Peter stands under Kateri’s left hand.

After the painting was blessed by Pastor J. Walter Stocklosa, it was exhibited in the sanctuary of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Nahant. Thereafter, it was displayed in many parts of the United States, including St. Juan Mission, Capistrano, California, where it remained for sixteen years. In 1992, it was transferred to the Mission of St. Francis Xavier, Kahnawake, Quebec, where Kateri’s body lies, to be hung permanently. The unveiling ceremony took place on Palm Sunday, April 12, during a Mass honoring Kateri’s feast. In 1980, when reproductions were made of the painting, a Jesuit Brother, Raymond Bounds, S.J., noticed the head of Christ on Kateri’s right shoulder, symbolically confirming Kateri’s commitment to Jesus, her only Spouse.

The flags of the United States and Canada are seen in the background, demonstrating Kateri’s influence in both countries. The American flag was borrowed from the altar of St. Thomas Aquinas Church. The rosary beads draped from Kateri’s right hand exemplifies her love for the Blessed Virgin. The lilies depicted in the painting compliment the purity and innocence reflected in the children’s peaceful countenances; each child being protected and led to Jesus by Kateri’s loving hand. Interestingly, the artist could not find lilies in July (not even artificial ones) but providentially, Father Stocklosa’s garden of lilies were in full bloom. He said they flowered earlier than usual and permitted Marlene to help herself. Father Stocklosa blessed artist, children, and props before sketches were started.

The subject matter demonstrates Kateri’s love for mankind, showing that she is a link between Native Americans and all the peoples of the world. The dove, symbolic of peace conveys the message that Kateri is a model for world harmony, teaching the people of mother earth, that we must understand and love one another as brothers and sisters, since we have but one Father, the Creator of all, and one Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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